A quick update on what we are doing at Shrewsbury Town Fisheries.

New signs- We have been installing the new signs at all the fisheries. A few more to do. Thanks Gary Dodds for working hard on these.

New Platforms- We are currently installing quality build platforms on Oxon Pool. Five done and three more to go on first phase of many. We’ll install two more hopefully in the autumn. The start of turning this fishery into the site it needs to be. Ongoing improvement here with the website being worked on. It will be super as we move forward on this. Pictures above.

More New Platforms- The start of the regeneration of Monkmoor Fishery. Six new quality platforms will be installed in the next month. These are part of a grant received from the Environment Agency to help transform Monkmoor. When you work with the EA they do help you. Thank you EA for this and your working partnership. More to come on this fishery.

Emstrey- I am currently working on improving the access on this fishery to improve parking. Hopefully have some news on this in a couple of weeks. This fishery again will have phased improvements to make it what the fishery needs to be. One note. Can Anglers please not park or drive down the fields and respect the local residents at Emstrey. Thank you.

Mousecroft Pool – I am planning the next phase here to get Mousecroft where it needs to be. Repair the right hand bank and seal it. It will be cleaned out and relined with clay to hopefully improve the long overdue water level issue. We’ll get there. If you’ve got a hole in your bucket you have to fix it before you fill it. We shall also re engineer the old Oxon platforms and create up to ten new platforms at Mousecroft too. More to go here.

Radbrook and Reabrook- I am currently looking at phases on these two venues. Improvements on access at Reabrook along with the large Rivers Trust and Shropshire wildlife trust grant to improve the habitat. Again working with these partners can have results. Superb and thank you both as well as Thomas Perring for working hard on this.

Finally- The autumn match calendar is full and sold out. Shrewsbury River Classic 3 day Festival. October 8th 9th 10th. 78 Anglers set to go. Riverfest Qualifier 19th October. 60 Anglers set to go. The Riverfest Grand Final 2019. Two days. November 2nd and 3rd. 72 Anglers will be working have to lift the title. A new national competition. Silver Fish 2019. November 30th. This new competition has just been launched.
All these are fantastic for Shrewsbury and Shrewsbury Town Fisheries. They bring financial benefits to both to put us all on the National Angling map.

Lots to do and thank you to all that help.
Enjoy your fishing, look after your fishery and we’ll keep moving forward.

Andy Jones, Shrewsbury Town Council and partners

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  1. hi,just read your post,and as a new member,i am surprised and really glad,of all the work being done on all your fisheries. as having a bit of a disability,the work your doing will really help me,access to banks with platforms,cos at the moment I look like a you been framed item when I climb down banks thank you to all who have and are helping to keep fisheries great well done 69yr old amature barbel fisherman. keep up all the good work.

    1. Hi Eric
      Thank you.We will continue with lots of different works and there will be more with respect to disability and improved access. It’s all for you to enjoy your sport.
      Kind regards
      Andy and the Team

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