Fish Spawning Update:

On the grounds of fish care, Fish are now spawning on Mousecroft and Radbrook Pools as of today. We are closing them for fishing immediately to leave the fish alone and respect nature. Oxon Pool started spawning last Friday. Mousecroft and Oxon Pools will reopen on Friday 2nd June at 7am. Radbrook Pool will reopen on Saturday 3rd June at 8.00am. Please check on our Website or Facebook pages for any updates that may happen if we have to extend this. Some other species such as Roach and Bream have already spawned earlier this month.
Once we have opened and you should see any spawning activity start again, please fish well away from them. It is that time of year and with the warm temperatures they may start up at any time. We will be monitoring the situation. Please spread the word.
Once the spawning is out of the way, there is plenty of time to go fishing.

Thank you for your understanding.

Andy Jones
Fisheries Coordinator