Fisheries Heatwave & Fish Care Update 10/07/22:

With Extreme high temperatures and lower Oxygen levels we are trying to keep the fisheries open.
We would ask the following:

The best time to go fishing is from 5.00pm until 9.30pm. Through the late evening and into early morning the Oxygen levels on rivers and pools crash of which is very stressful for fish. Throughout the day the Oxygen levels begin to rise again.
Can anglers please fish between 5.00pm and 9.30pm. All anglers should be leaving the fisheries at 9.30 latest.

Pike and Salmon fishing is suspended.

Anglers must all possess a landing net. Any person on our fisheries without a landing net will be asked to leave for breaching our fisheries rules. When specimen fishing, landing nets must be large enough to rest and recover caught fish. Keep net use is suspended.
Anglers must possess an unhooking mat when specimen fishing. These must be well wetted and cooled before use with fish.

All fish must be given plenty of time to recover before release. Wherever possible unhook in the water. Do not take fish up the banks. Photo shots must be taken very quickly and fish released.

We shall be monitoring the temperatures and Oxygen levels and if they get significantly worse or the above abused, we will have to take further action at short notice.

The above affects all our fisheries with exception to Oxon Pool of which we have closed due to low water levels.

If you see fish in distress, please report it via our contact page on our website or telephone and leave a message on our bailiff number 07976 020559.

We will update as and when these short measures will be changed.
Please keep your eyes on our Facebook pages and website for updates before you go fishing.

Thank you for your understanding. We desperately need some rain.

Andy Jones
Fisheries Coordinator