Fisheries Heatwave Update

Urgent Heatwave Update for our River Fisheries:

With effect from 6.00pm today due to the current heatwave and water temperatures, we are closing our river sections from 9.00am till 5.00pm for fishing. This is the correct decision to protect fish stocks. The current water temperature at the weir crest is approaching 23 degrees C of mixed water and the surface water is 24.5 degrees C with a PH of 8.7. This indicates a start of an algae bloom of which can make matters worse for oxygen levels.
Early morning the oxygen levels are at they’re lowest for the day. When fishing either side of the closed times please do not take catch shots, use barbless hooks to ease return of fish. Unhook fish in your landing nets whilst the fish are still in the water. If you must use an unhooking mat, please ensure it is soaking wet and cold. Use wet hands. The fish must be rested for at least a minimum of ten minutes in the water facing in the flow and then released. Fishing in the evening closes at dusk or 11.00 pm, which ever is the soonest,of which all anglers must have left the fishery. Please protect all our fish.
I would like to thank the Environment Agency for affirmation of my decision. This is likely to stay in force at least until the weekend. We will keep you updated of when we resume back to normal.

Andy Jones
Fisheries Coordinator