Fisheries Update 15th June 2020

With the Glorious June 16th nearly here, we hope you have a superb season and tight lines.

I would like you to please observe the 2m rule and use hand sanitizer when using locks and gates. Please be aware of who is around you, including members of the public and be polite.

With respect to maintenance of some of the fisheries, we are currently working through a timetable to get them sorted for you. Some of this has been marginally delayed as some materials etc have been held up due to the Covid lockdown. Below is listed details of what we are currently working on. We will have the work completed as soon as we can.

Sydney Avenue:
We will have cut all the grass by June 16th. We will be replacing 4 existing pegs with new high build ones in the next 2 to 3 weeks. The plan will be to revamp the whole of Sydney Avenue in the next few months.
Wedsnesday we will be topping up the stone on all the new pegs.
We will be installing up to 7 new high build pegs later in the summer to add to the existing 6 new pegs. There will be more pegs installed next spring time with the large development project on the bottom half of Monkmoor next spring.
Some repair work to the lane will hopefully happen this year to smooth out the potholes.
Oxon Pool:
This newly developed fishery with its own membership will be opening at the beginning of July. There will be a new website linked to the main website for this fishery with all the details prior to it opening. Some have already applied for Oxon membership and I am working through these currently.
Emstrey will have the grass cut very shortly. I am still working on a difficult task with respect to extra parking. There are more plans for work on Emstrey and I will update you on these when they are in place.
Mousecroft Pool:
We have completed phase 3 with a new footpath, drainage and resealed the right hand bank with clay. We installed 4 new pegs and now have materials to install up to at least another six. We will install these this year.
Radbrook Pool:
Over the next few weeks we shall be removing the fence in the pool that obstructs fishing. We shall be treating the invasive weed that is present in there. Please ensure your tackle and nets are thoroughly dried after fishing Radbrook Pool to prevent any transfer of this weed.
County Ground& Quarry:
The County Ground has had the grass cut around the pegs and they will have missing stone replaced this week. The pegs have all been renumbered with new number designs. Some flood damage repairs are necessary and will be implemented soon.
The Quarry with have flood damage repairs, stone replacement and new numbers late summer early autumn.
The Severn Rivers trust are about to implement works on the difficult wear that reduces fish pass. This is a costly job and will be worked on shortly. Some habitat improvement is also part of the plan.

We were hoping some of these works would have been completed by now but alas the current situation and floods have hampered things. We are now on the case to please bare with us and we will try not to disturb your fishing too much.

I would like to thank the Environment Agency for supplying the timber for the pegs, Shrewsbury Town Council for ground maintenance and all the Fisheries Team for their hard work.

Thank you to all our members for your support. We couldn’t do any of this without you.

Tight lines and enjoy your fishing.
Be Alert and Stay Safe.

Andy Jones
Fisheries Coordinator