Fisheries Update May 31st 2020

On Monday June 1st we are opening our fisheries, Mousecroft Pool, Radbrook Pool for Course fishing, The Reabrook and River Severn for Salmon and Trout fishing. On June 16th the Course Season begins on the River Severn and Reabrook.
It is IMPORTANT that all Anglers fishing follow the Government Guidelines whilst you are present on our waters.
– You must Maintain Social Distancing of a minimum of 2 metres.
– You may only fish with a member of your family or one other person from another household.
– You must not share anybody else’s fishing tackle whilst fishing.
– Follow the guidelines with regards to travel.
– Use hand sanitiser before touching gates or locks etc.
– Ensure there is adequate space between you fishing on pegs. The guideline is 15 metres.
– As you are fishing waters where members of the public are present, make sure you are aware of who is around you at all times and be polite.
– When asked by a Bailiff for your Permit please place your permit proof on the ground and maintain 2 metres whilst he checks it. You must cooperate with the bailiffs instructions.
Finally, we have opened the fisheries so that you can enjoy the sport you love, please do not abuse this opportunity as you represent the angling community. The Corona Virus situation is not over.
Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives
Andy Jones
Fisheries Coordinator.