Coney Green



The Coney Green fishery is set in pleasant surroundings and offers approximately 300 yards of right fishing. It is situated on the opposite bank towards the lower end of the Quarry section. It’s a little secret amongst locals as very few visiting anglers know that it can be fished. Sometimes referred to as Burr’s Field it begins at the Kingsland Toll Bridge and ends at the ‘Old Brewery’ which is now converted to apartments. It can be accessed on foot via the Quarry section, crossing at Kingsland Bridge, by parking on Kingsland Bridge road (charge applies) or on Kingsland Road, space permitting, crossing Burr’s Field to get to the river. If parking at St. Julians Friars expect a walk of 10 to 20 mins, preferably with a trolley!

There are a number of pegs to choose from with the first three swims just below the bridge being favourite. The pegs are solid, comfortable and level. They are set away from the path that runs behind by a few yards so you can spread out a little without the fear of having your rods trodden on, but do watch out for the odd ‘friendly’ dog.

The character of the river is very similar to that of the Quarry. Initially, a long straight section curving slightly left towards the end with a slow, steady pace, but differing slightly with a greater depth close in just off the boards, Approximately 12′ in normal conditions. Usually, the stick or waggler is the way to go with no real advantage in fishing the pole. Winter Roach fishing here can be fantastic, just off the rod tip.

Big predators are known to lie here at times. The bank here has a line of mature willows along most of its length, however, these do not impede your fishing. There is a small outlet halfway along the section which normally sees the odd Pike angler or two with good sport to be had to the mobile lure fisherman.