The Monkmoor fishery is large, well over a mile of unspoilt right-hand bank fishing and can be divided into three main sections. At the top end of the fishery, referred to locally as the gypsy stones, the fishery begins. The middle section is the Uffington stretch (between the two road bridges) and the lower section that joins the Belvedere Wood fishery is below the second road bridge.

This map shows the entire length of the Monkmoor fishery. In this photo, the river flows from top left-hand corner to bottom right. Fishing is on the inside of the loop (right-hand bank). The Monkmoor fishery is guarded by a secure locked gate, a key code for the combi lock gives you access of which must be obtained before fishing. The code comes with your new season permit and you must not pass this code on to anyone else for security reasons.

The fishery offers a wide variety of features to suit both Coarse and Salmon anglers.

The top section of the fishery is noted for its deep holes and ‘Salmon lies’, before narrowing slightly, passing through a shallow gorge and increasing pace over a fast rippled layer of bedrock. The main flow then pushes toward mid-river creating some very productive pools and eddies. Many specimen Barbel, Chub and Salmon can be found. Good Pike and Perch fishing can also be found below these rapids to lure or dead-bait. The river then glides swiftly alongside the island which is typical Chub territory to either stick float, waggler or quiver tip.

The middle or Uffington stretch begins below the first road bridge and ends at the second road bridge. The river here naturally curves almost 180 degrees as it bends round to the right. YOU MUST NOT drive your car in the field along the river bank. Please park your vehicle in one of the two car parks located under each bridge.

Typical Barbel country. Lots of slacker water on the inside, plenty of bays and overhanging branches on the far bank. Plenty of variation in current and depths from deep dark holes and gutters to shingle beaches and shallow streamy runs with prolific weed growth toward the second road bridge. Many Barbel are taken along the entire length of this section with some notable Chub catches and excellent Pike fishing in the slower water.

The bottom section caters for all styles with a good spread of all species. A fairly straight run in the main but not without its features. Excellent Pike and Perch fishing to be had at the lower end near the ‘outlet’ where it joins the Belvedere Wood fishery.

The banks along the Monkmoor fishery are high and can be very dangerous in muddy or wet conditions. Please take care.