Quarry Park



Keen Angler or Gardener, well this is the one. ‘The QUARRY’ is Set in stunning, peaceful surroundings of gardens, parklands and open space with quick and easy access to the river and the historic county town, Charles Darwin’s birthplace. Here the River Severn surrounds the entire town centre forming a giant horseshoe. This is the Quarry Fishery, offering both the individual and competition angler alike the very best coarse fishing on offer. The river is backed by an avenue of mature lime trees planted by Percy Thrower in the late 50’s, with easy access and comfortable pegs it is a popular and well-known venue.

The Quarry is inside ‘the loop’. The upper limit is The WELSH BRIDGE. This is indicated by the yellow line crossing the river at approximately the 11 o’clock position. Limited parking is available below the Welsh Bridge on Victoria Quay for about 100 yards. From here on vehicles are prohibited in the Quarry (Victoria Avenue) and you must return via a one-way street (Priory Road and Claremont Bank). Plenty of parking is available for this ‘top end’ in the FRANKWELL car park, A short walk from the Welsh Bridge. The lower limit is indicated by the yellow line at approximately the 4 o’clock position. This is the ENGLISH BRIDGE. Ample parking is available in the many car parks situated at this ‘bottom end’. Kingsland Bridge Road has free on-street parking on a Sunday.

The characteristics of the river change gently along this fishery. After rushing underneath the Welsh Bridge the river flows over a shallow area before slowing to a peaceful glide. As the river starts it journey, curving left around the Quarry the average depths change from around 2′ near the Welsh Bridge ‘pipe’, to 12 or 14′. Plenty of good fishing to either pole or tip with stick float scoring too. Good bags of Roach, Dace, Bleak, Perch, Chub and the occasional Barbel to liven things up a bit. The ‘Priory Walls’ section consistently produces 10-20lb bags in the open matches. Once into the heart of the Quarry, the pole will normally score well. Good mixed bags and good catches of Perch down the inside on the stick. Some of the slower, deeper water here also offers an excellent opportunity for the Pike angler. All methods are permitted however we discourage live-baiting. Live-baits must not be brought onto the fishery. A maximum of two rods is allowed at all times.

Passing the famed Shrewsbury School and Pengwern rowing clubs, the river slowly deepens as it reaches The Brewery on the opposite bank with depths of 20′ not uncommon. Excellent Pike fishing here and the tip scoring well too. Lures hardly ever fail to produce a fish or two to the roving angler with some fine specimens gracing the banks each season. Always a bruiser of a Perch hanging around in some of the snaggier spots as well. Some fine specimens to be had for the dedicated specimen Perch fisher.

As the river reaches the end of the fishery it passes under GREYFRIARS BRIDGE, turning sharply and shallowing up again and passing under the ENGLISH BRIDGE. Summer Piking with lures in this area can be exciting in this streamy shallow water.

Toilets are situated at the entrance to the Quarry near the upper limit on Victoria Avenue by the children’s playground between the PORTHILL BRIDGE and WELSH BRIDGE. Please place any litter in the many litter bins situated along the entire length of the fishery. Please be aware of the general public passing behind when placing rods down or un-shipping pole sections etc. NIGHT FISHING IS PROHIBITED.