Fishery Improvements 2021

Fishery Plans for this year:

1. Emstrey – We have started clearing some peg areas near the farm ready for the installation of 5 new platforms to replace old damaged or worn pegs. These will be partly financed by an Angling Trust grant.

2. Mousecroft Pool- An application for a grant to install 3 new disabled platforms, similar to the Radbrook Pool Platform, on the bank of Mousecroft Pool. These platforms will not protrude out in the water. We shall also be adding a new surface to the Pool lane and adding some more pathways to improve access. We have also recently stocked a mixture of bream, tench and crucian carp to boost stocks.

3. Sydney Avenue- We shall be adding another 3 new fishing platforms. It is anticipated to replace most of them as soon as we can once we have completed other works.

4. Monkmoor- Another 2 platforms will be installed this year to add to the 14 now completed. There will also be repairs to the lane with an aim to get a permanent fix. The platforms will be helped by a grant funding from the Environment Agency.

5. Radbrook Pool- Last year due to COVID we could not treat the invasive weed that is in the pool. We are hoping to treat it this year. Shrewsbury Town Councils Countryside Team headed by Matt have completed some tree work there for us. We shall be barking all the footpaths to make the pool more presentable and reduce weed growth.

6. Reabrook- The installation of new fishery Sign’s throughout the brook at various locations.

7. Doctors Field and Belvedere- New fishery signs to define our boundaries.

8. Quarry & County Ground- All fishing platforms to be inspected for safety and repairs that may be required to make good.

9. Shrewsbury Weir- New Salmon signs to determine the rules on the weir.

10. Oxon Pool- We shall be completing a final small pathway with a stone surface. I am currently working on funding to hopefully start or fully complete new Otter fencing to secure the pool from predation. It may take some time dependant on match funding. We will see.

11. This year we shall be launching a very vital addition to our fisheries of which will be the Shrewsbury Town Fisheries Junior Academy. It will start with phase 1. This phase will be the training and certification of 10 angling coaches, an Academy section on our website with an event booking system. We have already had some sponsorship with tackle and bait. In addition we have applied for some grant funding from the Angling Trust. A minimum of six events will take place this year and will be controlled due to COVID-19. The Academy is anticipated to grow with further phases to incorporate schools and other organisations. Two of the events are planned to be Get Fishing Events with the Angling Trust. More details will be announced prior to the launch.

12. The Shrewsbury River Classic Festival is planned for October 5th, 6th and 7th of October. Last years was totally cancelled as were most of the Open Matches. The festival will have a maximum entry of 54 this year due to COVID-19. Let’s hope we can go ahead this year.

13. We shall continue with maintenance and repairs on all our fisheries.

14. We have added a range of Fishery Clothing and Accessories for purchase via our website. These are all supplied by Sloganite in Shrewsbury and are ordered online and delivered directly to you.

Last year was so different with the Pandemic and we did our best to keep your fishing open where the guidelines allowed us. We gave every angler who bought a permit from last March to the end of February this year an extra four months due to COVID-19. Let’s hope we can go forward as normal as we can this year. Our fisheries, despite COVID has grown to 1200 members of which 98 are juniors. I would like to thank you all for joining and your support.

We will keep up with further development on our fisheries to improve access and facilities for everyone. A special thanks goes to our Partners, the Environment Agency Team, Angling Trust, The Shropshire Wildlife Trust and many other influential people I have met this year. Also to our bailiffs and media team of which has grown to 13 hard working individuals who protect and maintain our fisheries.

A quick note I would like to make on two big subjects is that I have been working behind the scenes on “ Pollution on our Rivers” and the issues surrounding flooding. These subjects are so important and are vital for change to improve the rivers and streams that we fish on and to protect our wildlife that we see. We must turn the table on this for the benefit of wildlife and angling for future generations to come.

Should you see any form of pollution especially sewage please ensure you report it on the Environment Agency Hotline 03000 653 000. Obtain a report reference number. Don’t ignore it, report it.

Finally, would you please ensure you complete your permit details with your FULL postal address. We need this to mail your permit cards. Please note that Royal Mail are taking a few days longer to deliver them.

Enjoy your fishing and tight lines.
Stay Safe.

Andy Jones
Fisheries Coordinator