Fishery Rules & Bailiff Message

Shrewsbury Town Fisheries has its own Rules that are available on our website for all anglers to read and understand. We shall also from March be issuing them with all season permits.They are there for a reason as they are part of an agreement with the fisheries fishing rights owners, Shrewsbury Town Council, Shropshire Council and Others, to allow fishing as a sport and leisure activity to take place on the property they own. The Rules are very much the same as are used by any other angling club or organisation. Shrewsbury Town Fisheries enforces the Rules to protect the integrity of the Land Owners and also the sport of angling.
As anglers on our waters you represent angling as a sport in full view of the general public and it is important that you respect this. I am glad to say that most of you do this in the true angling spirit.

Our Bailiffs are all voluntary and spend many hours on our behalf checking permits, providing maintenance and protecting our fisheries from other aspects such as pollution or poaching. They work extremely hard in a thankless job to achieve this in all hours of the day so that you can go fishing. Bailiffs are generally not liked by the few. This is only because those few choose to not follow our fishery rules. We work very closely with the Environment Agency, of whom we personally have very good support, and also the police and other club bailiff teams. This is paramount for the protection of angling waters.
Please take the time to always read any rules or regulations of any angling club or organisation before you purchase any permit. It is generally a condition of joining.
Please read our Rules now if you have not done so. There are very valid reasons for these to be in place.
Should you witness any form of pollution, poaching or abuse of our rules please contact our bailiffs, the number is on the back of your permit card or report it directly to me via our contact page on the website.
As we operate a public website and Facebook pages, these are regularly viewed by our owners and other partners and organisations.

Shrewsbury Town Fisheries is all about enjoying fishing for all and we will continue to develop, protect and provide fishing for all our members.

There will be an update in few days on our fishery plans for this year.

Enjoy your fishing.

Andy Jones
Fisheries Coordinator