Heat wave Update 21st July 2022:

Now that temperatures have dropped and DO levels have improved we can now confirm reopening dates and times for our fisheries.

All pools will reopen from midnight tonight 21/07/22.

The river fisheries can all reopen from Saturday morning 6.00am 23/07/22.

Would you all take care of all fish that are caught and ensure plenty of time is allowed for them to recover. Face upstream in landing nets.
Ensure landing nets have ample space for fish to recover.
Limit photo shoots to an absolute minimum.
Do not carry fish up the banks for photographs.
Use well wetted unhooking mats where required. If possible unhook in landing nets in the water.

Thank you for you understanding as sometimes we have to make quick decisions to protect fish stocks when the need arises.

Enjoy your fishing and please check our Facebook pages and website for any updates prior to going fishing and booking day tickets.

Andy Jones
Fisheries Coordinator