Heatwave and Fish Care

Due to the current high temperatures we are monitoring the temperature and oxygen levels for the river and our pools.
It is highly likely that we may at some point need to suspend fishing in order to protect fish stocks as they will become stressed.
Please visit our Facebook pages and websites for updates before you go fishing.
We would encourage anglers to avoid fishing in the hottest periods of the day
and to not fish for pike.
Any fish caught must be rested well in the water to recover.
Unhook where possible in the landing net in the water.
Unhooking mats should be always used when required and ensure they are wet before unhooking fish. Hot dry mats will damage fish.
Catch shots should be quickly taken if required at the waters edge and the fish returned to the water to recover.Do not take fish up the banks.
If you fish in the sun, have plenty of water to drink and protect yourselves with sun cream etc.
Thank you for your understanding.

Andy Jones
Fisheries Coordinator