Heatwave Update 22/07/21

Urgent Heatwave Update 22/07/21:

Due to the continuous high air and water temperatures, we are suspending all river fishing (including the Reabrook) with immediate effect. The water temperature ranges from 23.5 to 24 degrees C with a DO of 118 to 122%. There is some algae bloom that adds to the situation. The rain forecast at this moment is minimal for the weekend with the exception to thunderstorms of which would make the immediate matters worse.
We must protect all species of fish in these conditions. The fish will acclimatise but will be very susceptible to handling, and catch and release.
Our pools are fine at the moment and if there is any change on these, we will keep you informed. If fishing our pools please do not use keep-nets, wet and cool unhooking mats and there must be no photo shots. Please limit the use of bait.
We will keep monitoring all our waters and provide you with updates as soon as we can. We do need the water temperatures to drop.

This update supersedes any previous heatwave updates.

Thank you to the Environment Agency for they’re affirmation for our decision.

Andy Jones
Fisheries Coordinator