Heatwave Update 27/07/21

Fishery Heatwave Update 27/07/21:

With respect to our recent suspension of fishing due to high water temperatures and low oxygen readings, I am now glad to report that we can resume our sport from 9.00am tomorrow 28th July. The oxygen and water temperatures are now at a much improved level. We need the temperature to drop from its current level of 21.8C to around 18C for salmon fishing.
Would you please ensure that you rest fish catches for a minimum of 10 minutes in your landing nets with the fish facing the flow. Please do not take catch photographs if it is not necessary. We need to protect every fish.
There is a prospect due to rainfall that some sewage may be released in the river by the sewage outflows. Would you all please be vigilant and if you see significant pollution take photographs and forward them to us via our contacts page on our website.
As you know that I am against any form of pollution entering our rivers.
Your support is most welcome on this to protect the river that is so important to us.
Enjoy your fishing.

Andy Jones
Fisheries Coordinator