High River Levels

Well what a blow Mother Nature has dealt us at the long awaited start of the river season. We’ve all seen photos of the high water levels and the chocolate colour and debris that comes with it. This must be very disappointing to everyone and I hope won’t last too long. I hope everyone who gets on the bank is very careful as the banks will be very dangerous.

One other important aspect to think about with the very high water. This is the damage it will have done to all the spawn, the weed etc that holds it, and the survival of the juvenile fish. This without doubt will have some effect in the future. I sincerely hope it’s not too bad. When the rivers return to normal please be mindful of any fish you catch in the next few weeks that may have not spawned. We need to protect some recovery. It’s not as bad it was in 2007 and we all know what happened then. It is the wrong time for these floods to happen.Let’s hope it will recover.

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