Important Lockdown News

Important Fisheries Update:

Further to Goverment Guidance that has been detailed by the Angling Trust (please read the detail link below) Fishing can continue on our fisheries provided you travel within a reasonable distance. Please use common sense with the view to travel and respect any restrictions that apply where you live. It is up to each individual to follow the guidance and respect that we are in a lockdown period. We fish in mostly Public Areas and must keep a social distance of a minimum of 2 metres from each other. The Rule of two persons must be maintained as per the Guidance. Our Bailiffs must be shown full cooperation of their instructions when asked.

If you are showing any Symptoms please stay at home.

Please ensure that you take home any litter and bin it.

Should the Government Guidance change for any reason, we will keep you updated.

Should you witness anyone not following the Guidance, please contact the Bailiffs on the number on the reverse of your membership card or contact us by messaging our website. We will then take appropriate action.

Finally please Stay Safe, social distance of 2 metres, respect others and protect the NHS.

Andy Jones
Fisheries Coordinator

Fish safely, locally and respect the ‘rule of two’ during lockdown