Public Meeting Thursday 30th May

As you are all aware from numerous posts across social media, last Thursday evening was the first public S.T.F Meeting at the Guildhall, Shrewsbury.

An impressive turnout, featuring Environmental Agency figures, Angling Trust and both young, old & mixed specialists of anglers to add. The night began with a direct, lucid & impressive presentation from Shrewsbury Town Council Clerk Helen Ball, who showcased the overview of the Town Fisheries, its ethnics, philosophy and exciting developments for our town.

Which was followed by an interesting talk, both factual & learning curve for us within the room by Chris Bainger, Environment Agency. He spoke about the progressive development of improving Salmon stocks across the country, especially the River Severn. Which focused upon conservation efforts & catch and release. He also added his delight on the installation of new platform pegs on the county ground in Shrewsbury and that the process was being carried out in the right way.


Mark Wilton, Angling Trust Representative spoke about how impressive and open Shrewsbury Town Council are within the U.K. working within its local angling community and evidently progression within the community on a national scale, being a forerunner and role model nationally. Mark further discussed grant funding and application online for the Fisheries for the future on S.T.F waters.

Then the man himself, Andy Jones gave an impressive talk about the seed of thought and philosophy to which has begun S.T.F and his vision of inclusion of both not just the Angler, but children and importantly children with special needs and learning difficulties, which is also something of high importance to myself and I know a lot of others within our caring town. Andy discussed further, an overview on the future of different stretches which is something that’s going to take time over the coming years. As there was so much Andy could have spoken about, the evening was getting near to darkness so was and drawn to a close for now. As the meetings will now be a yearly occurrence from now on each year.

As the meeting drew towards a close, an evident display of care and thought to local angling and its future from the Evening was shown. The presentation of Female Angler to Hayleey Butler which Maver Managing Director Sarah Phoenix presented a goody bag of equipment/tackle with a Shrewsbury Town Fisheries framed certificate. Followed by Mikey Torr whom was awarded & presented with a certificate junior anglers and equipment/tackle by Sarah. However, it wasn’t just the youngsters were shown appreciation, everyone whom turned up was given a raffle ticket and two separate winners were given prizes. First prize a day fishing with renowned angler Dave Harrell and a feature within the Angling Times. This was won by Chris Mann’s. Darren King won the second prize of a considerable amount of bait for some good fishing sessions.

The evening was an excellent display of progression, professionalism and exciting times ahead. You have been given a voice, an input and evidently have been listened, noted and now developments are being done. As Andy Jones put it last night, this is a fresh, clean sheet and future, let’s all raise to that and thank Andy Jones for such a progressive, trust worthy and professional gentlemen whom we additionally thank an open and solid backing Town Council who is backing this vision, drive and progression on a national scale and importantly for our community and its future.

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