Radbrook & Mousecroft Pool Update:

Radbrook Pool

It was only a short time ago at the end of June that we had significant oxygen level and water quality problems that were a danger to the wildlife at the pool. Currently the water quality is not where it should be and we must implement some actions to improve the biodiversity of the pool.
In addition we are experiencing a large increase in rat populations of which can be a health risk to all who visit the pool and create problems for surrounding residents.
To help with both these issues we would ask that the feeding of wildlife must stop. Processed seeds, bread and other foods that are not part of an animal’s natural diet can make them very sick. This also has a potential to attract unwanted populations of rodents who will quickly breed. A number of signs have been placed at the pool by Shrewsbury Town Council and additional permanent fishery signs with be installed in a few days.

Anglers with immediate effect must not fish with bread in any discipline above or below the surface and as per the fisheries rules floating baits and surface bait fishing of any sort is prohibited. Bread must not be present with you at the pool.
In addition any waste bait must not be thrown into the pool after your fishing session and care must be taken not to leave any waste bait on or around fishing platforms. Please take it home. Fisheries water keepers will be monitoring this and reporting any issues back to myself and fisheries partners.

Plans are also in place to replace all the platforms with new ones in the coming weeks and a look at other improvements at the pool to improve its habitat and biodiversity with the Town Council.

Mousecroft Pool

The same measures with respect to fishing and feeding of wildlife apply to this fishery also with immediate effect.

We thank you for your understanding as the welfare of the pool and wildlife are important.

Andy Jones
Fisheries Coordinator