Radbrook, Mousecroft Pools and River Update 26th June 2023:

Radbrook Pool will remain closed for angling until further notice. We have been very busy applying water pump aeration to increase oxygen levels that dropped dangerously low. Progress with hard work to get some recovery on these levels is improving to protect the fish and wildlife. Sudden heavy rain or thunder storms in pools can cause catastrophic oxygen crashes which can result in very stressed fish and even sadly deaths. We have found 6 diseased fish so far and hopefully the others should be fine. These events with very hot conditions are going to be more the normal, especially through the summer and we have to rapidly respond to them.
We would ask anyone who feeds the ducks on Radbrook Pool to please refrain from doing so to help us aid oxygen recovery.

Mousecroft is fine for fishing at the moment. We are applying the pumps on there this evening and through the night to give the pool a boost to protect it to be safe. Keepnets are now banned through the summer and please limit your feed whilst fishing.
The best time to fish in these hot conditions is from 4pm until 9pm. After 9pm the oxygen levels on pools and rivers begins to drop or on some cases crashes and then slowly recovers from dawn to its best after 4pm. We are actively monitoring and testing our pools and rivers to ensure we can take action against any eventualities as they may arise.

In addition, we shall be starting tomorrow to install the first of ten river platforms with the first two at Sydney Avenue replacing the flood damaged ones.

I would like to thank our water keeper/bailiffs and water testers who have been working hard on our fisheries to protect angling and the environment.

All fish care actions previously posted still apply. Pike fishing is still suspended.

Should you see any fish in distress or pollution, please inform us by leaving a message on our bailiffs number on your membership card or our contact page via our website. You can also make a report to the Environment agency on 0800 807060.

Thank you for your understanding.

Andy Jones
Fisheries Coordinator