Shrewsbury River Classic 3 Day Festival Final Results:

As another Festival is over after being cancelled last year due to COVID, it was great the see all the river anglers back on the bank at Shrewsbury. The weather did its familiar trick of coming in at the death to ruin the sport for all. But I am so sure that the weather is not the only cause for the weights that were experienced. This year I decided to keep the event smaller than usual and not to fish it myself. I wanted to be out and about as I had a strong hunch that this may happen. More about this in the future.

Ian Hughes put on a fantastic performance to take the title for a second time. Outstanding angler are the words. Ian Speedy Ward showed his dedication to Shrewsbury’s angling scene over the years does shine on events here to take second spot.The best individual weight on the last day too.
Ian Courtney, Paul Turner, Local Angling talent Adam Williams and Martin Challenger took the last of the remaining top six placings. All of them class anglers in they’re own right.
Well done to all the section winners for you commitment fishing in unfavourable river conditions and all the other competitors who got on with the job in hand.
I also would like to thank Big Phil draw bag Williams,all the guys on the scales, members of my fisheries team who helped out in the event and also carrying out all they’re duties elsewhere on our fisheries. I simply can’t do it without you. Rachel and staff at the Inn on the Green did a super job as our HQ. The hospitality was spot on.

Now I have already started looking at next years festival and also other topics as a result of this years.
Thank you all as you do make it what it is. See you next year.

Andy Jones