Shrewsbury River Classic Festival 2021

Shrewsbury River Classic 3 Day Festival 2021 Update:

The festival is set to take place on 5th, 6th and 7th October on the County Ground and Quarry with 54 entries for this year. The Headquarters etc will be confirmed and announced nearer the event.
49 anglers carried they’re entry over from last years cancelled festival. If any of the first 49 on the list detailed cannot fish this year, would you let me know by text on 07980 556498.
All 54 spaces are full with exception to anyone who may not be able to fish. Those spaces will be allocated to those who wish to go on the reserve list. Please text me on the number above to go on the reserve list.

Next year we should be in a better place to return to the larger event.

Let’s hope we have a much better river season couple of years.

Andy Jones
Shrewsbury Town Fisheries