Shrewsbury River Classic Festival Update

Shrewsbury River Classic Festival Update:

Firstly I would like to thank you all for your cooperation and chopping and changing your plans. It does make everything so much easier, thank you.
Looking at the levels and weather forecast it looks like we should be game on for next week. I will keep a close eye on it. The current level is 1.8m and falling at Shrewsbury Welsh bridge. Everywhere above is falling. Fingers crossed the trend should continue as we need to be 1.2m by next Tuesday or below. I have 8 who cannot fish of which takes us to 70. I wish to fish it at 72 to give us some peg options and make it as fair as possible. As the river came up some high tree work which was scheduled for the flood week could not be done. Everything else has been done prior. The slightly reduced numbers will allow some options. I will change the payouts a little to reflect the entry, but will not change the number of them, so as the chances of some pools remains the same.
The two new entry spaces are first come, first served and I will contact them by tomorrow evening.
Finally, I did manage to get hold of the witch doctor in the Welsh hills and asked him to stop banging his blasted drum. I hope he got the message.
Thanks again. Let’s have a super festival. See you there.👍🎣
Andy Jones

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