Shrewsbury River Classic Festival Update

Urgent Shrewsbury River Classic Festival Update:

Due to a storm and heavy rain approaching us again I’ve had to make the decision to postpone the 3 day festival once again. It was looking to be ok until last night. They have released water from the dams of which has raised the levels. With this and forecasted 3 inches of rain it is only fair to everyone to postpone. With the Riverfest Qualifier and final to consider, the new dates for the festival are 19th, 20th and 21st of November. I’m sorry for the entries who wished to fish the festival as practice for the Riverfest final but I cannot do anything about the weather. You may still want to fish the festival on the new dates.
As you can appreciate this is another blow. I will confirm about the Riverfest Qualifier on Saturday 19th in a separate post on Monday when I can see what is unfolding.
With regards to the festival can you please help me by doing the following:
Simply text me on 07980556498
If you can’t fish and if you couldn’t fish the previous dates, I will contact you and sort your fees with you. Those previous entries who could not fish this weeks date but can fish the dates in November text me as above and I will add you to November’s list.
I thank you for your cooperation with this and appreciate the problems this weather causes. I really do have a headache. It’s only sensible to give it some space and hope the weather settles.
Andy Jones

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