Latest Covid-19 Updated Fishery Rules

Important Fishing Update as of The Government Guide lines COVID-19 at Shrewsbury Town Fisheries of which moves from Tier 2 to Tier 3 from Midnight Wednesday 30th December 2020.

A Simple Guide as follows:


We can not have visiting anglers both season permit or day ticket to our waters whom reside in England from outside of Shropshire Tier 3.

Anglers who reside in Wales & Scotland cannot travel to England for the purpose of angling as laid down by the Respective Governments.
Anglers should always check the Government Guide lines that apply to the area they reside with respect to travel etc.

Shrewsbury has moved to Tier 3 Very High Level.


If anglers come into contact with a Bailiff,Official or fellow angler there must be social distancing at all times. Wear a face mask while reaching out your Membership card or Day Ticket confirmation such as your mobile phone. Do Not hand or exchange items over for whatever reason unless you are within the same household or bubble.


You can fish as you normally would within our rules.


Officials such as Wardens, Bailiff’s etc… Will carry on their duties as normal if can’t be done at home. When our Wardens, Bailiffs go out they will be following social distancing and rules as per Government Guidelines.


It is the responsibility of all anglers who visit our waters to understand which Tier Level they reside in and respect the Safety of others.

Should you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms, please stay at home and get tested.

Follow our Head Bailiff Gary Dodds and fellow Bailiffs & Wardens instructions at all times.

If this is ignored or any of the rules above, you will be banned from our fisheries and the Police notified.

We will update on this page should there be any changes as soon as we can.

We are going through a ever changing worldwide pandemic and we need to get transmission of this virus down. Please follow the rules, be sensible, be safe and help save lives.

Andy Jones
Fisheries Coordinator